Zinc Nitrate




Yellow DKC80-10

Yellow Maize


Witsa is a runner bean with white seed. Witsa reach maturity approximately 65-70 days after planting. Witsa gives a high yield with excellent growth vigour and high quality pods. Witsa is ada

White CRN3505

White Variety Poncho Treated

White Creole

Short day white variety used for dehydration. Bulbs are firm, small to medium in size with a thick flat shape. Pungent with excellent dry matter content. 150 to 170 days. Best adapted to latitudes of 20 to 28 degrees.


Winter Cultivar Depends on availability


A small dark green plant with round shaped leaves that imparts a peppery flavor to salads, sandwiches or garnishes. The watercress plant grows naturally along some streams but is grown hydroponically for commercial distribution.


Waltham reaches maturity within 97 days. The fruit of Waltham is 20-25 cm long with thick cylindrical necks. Waltham does not produce crooked squash in contrast to 3-20% found in regular butt